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New Wire Fraud Scam Reroutes Direct Deposit Paychecks

A new type of phishing scam targets the HR departments of companies and asks for reroutes on direct deposit accounts, CNBC reported. Once the changes are made, a paycheck will go directly into a criminal’s account.

KVC Health Systems, a child welfare nonprofit based out of Kansas City, has been hit with the scam. The emails look legitimate, and purportedly come from the company’s CEO, CFO or payroll director.

“They might just say, ‘I need to update my direct deposit information,’” Erik Nyberg, director of information technology at KVC, told CNBC. “Or they start with, ‘Hey, do you have a second?’ and if that target person responds, then they go from there.”

The fake emails aren’t easy to spot because of a few reasons: they aren’t rife with misspellings that generally accompany a phisher’s email, and they’re cordial and short.


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