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New Ways To Prevent Identity Theft During The Holiday Shopping Season


It's too easy to tune out advice about new ways to prevent identity theft and other threats to your personal information, even as the holiday shopping season gets into full swing. That seems like someone else's problem.

But if you feel that way, then check out this video, taken last month in Sacramento, Calif. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office was looking for two men caught on security cameras trying to withdraw money from stolen accounts.

That could be your money.

Or talk to Amie O'Shaughnessy, a travel agency owner from Piedmont, Calif., who contacted me this morning.

"Someone posed as me in an email to my finance manager and had her wire $50,000 out of our business account," she told me."I was powerless to influence or control what happened with the funds once they left the account, yet I’m 100% liable for the loss. This doesn’t seem right."

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