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14 Malware Families Targeting E-Commerce Brands Ahead of Black Friday

The State of Security

Researchers discovered 14 malware families targeting dozens of e-commerce brands just over one week before Black Friday.

Kaspersky Lab observed the threats targeting 67 e-commerce brands including 33 consumer apparel sites, eight consumer electronic outlets and three online retail platforms. Banking trojans made up more than half of the malware tracked by Kaspersky. They included the following families: Betabot, Panda, Gozi, Zeus, Chthonic, TinyNuke, Gootkit2, IcedID and SpyEye.

Some of the trojans were more active than others. At the time of this writing, Betabot led the pack at 46 different brands targeted. It was also the only malware family to target entertainment and gaming websites. Gozi and Panda weren’t too far behind at 36 brands and 35 brands, respectively.


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