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Data Security Incident at Pediatric Hospital Affects 100K Individuals

The State of Security

A data security incident at a pediatric hospital affected more than 100,000 individuals including patients and employees.

On 20 July, the Boys Town National Research Hospital published a “Notice of Data Security Incident” on its website. According to this statement, the Omaha-based medical organization became aware of abnormal behavior regarding an employee’s email account on 23 May. They launched an investigation and thereby determined that someone unknown to the Hospital had infiltrated that employee’s account. They then set about to figure out what types of information that person might have viewed as a result of their unauthorized access.

Officials at the medical center determined that the unknown individual could have accessed the personal and medical data of 105,309 patients and employees. Those details included victims’ names, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, treatment information, health insurance items, login credentials and even some financial data.


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