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7 Questions for Evaluating your Security Posture against Insider Threats

The State of Security

Insider threats top the list of the most dangerous cyber risks for organizations worldwide. It doesn’t take much effort for insiders to steal your sensitive data, while such activities are hard to discover and impossible to prevent.

Unfortunately, lack of visibility into user behavior is one of the key reasons why companies suffer from data breaches that involve either human negligence or malicious intent.

The latest news from Tesla illustrate how devastating an insider breach can be for the company’s reputation. A couple of days ago, the company reported that its employee used his trusted access to Tesla’s network to change code on internal products and ship highly sensitive data to a third-party. While Tesla still does not know the full extent of the employee’s actions, there is a chance that this incident will become a notable breach of 2018.

To combat insider threats, you need to adopt a holistic approach to data protection. This may be time-consuming and require you to allocate more resources to cyber securityThere are various threat detection techniques, but as always, each company is unique and needs a thoughtful approach.


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