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Banco de Chile Says Virus Infiltrated Its Computer Systems, Stole $10M

The State of Security

Chilean bank and financial services company Banco de Chile said that a virus infiltrated its computer systems and stole $10 million.

On 9 June, Banco de Chile’s general manager Eduardo Ebensperger provided some insight about the attack to La Tercera. A translation by Google is provided below:

"We found some strange transactions in the SWIFT system (where banks internationally remit their transactions to other countries). There we realized that the virus was not necessarily the underlying issue, but apparently wanted to defraud the bank."

The attack forced the bank to take a total of 9,000 workstations offline. Even so, this measure didn’t prevent bad actors from conducting four fraudulent transactions sometime thereafter. Those interactions made off with $10 million under the institution’s control and did not affect customers’ funds.


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