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How ALTR Uses Blockchain Tech To Boost Enterprise Security

So much in tech comes out of left field, even amid evolution. Change creeps up and suddenly is … there.

And so it is with companies that come out of stealth mode, officially launching with products and funding at the ready. In one example germane to security and payments, ALTR has emerged from four years of stealth, with $15 million in private and institutional backing and what is being billed as the first commercial software package that it says “unleashes the security benefits of blockchain.”

Against this backdrop, blockchain moves against type, as it were – beyond the confines of the cryptocurrency arena where it is commonly placed. Technical and non-technical professionals within an organization that adopts ALTR’s offerings, the firm has said, will be on the same page when it comes to data security, and who has access to what information, and at what time.

Thus, private blockchain as an extraordinarily tough line of defense against the bad guys who want to breach a firm and take its data.

In an interview with Karen Webster, David Sikora, CEO of ALTR, said it necessitates a multi-faceted approach and a comprehensive mindset.


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