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Tokenization: The Security Key For Call Centers

Call centers are fast becoming a fraudster favorite. Why? Because they’re just so darn inviting. Committing fraud over the phone in a call center environment represents a path of least resistance as other popular fraud targets ramp up defenses.

As with any industry, the real challenge is striking that perfect balance between security and convenience. Call centers, merchants and others are now turning to tokenization to reduce or remove friction while enhancing interaction security and PCI compliance.

IntraNext and TokenEx have just teamed up in an effort to address this issue and push tokenization as a best practice across the board.

In a recent interview with Karen Webster, IntraNext CEO Patrick Brown and TokenEx Co-Founder Alex Pezold shared how tokenization can protect callers phoning in to call centers, why it’s important and what organizations must sacrifice to introduce it (spoiler alert: nothing!).

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